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Khoroush was born in April 1941 in Tehran, Iran.
He studied in mathematics field at high-school but He liked Arts and preferred studied painting in university. So he took and passed the university entrance examination of the University of Tehran and earned first rank in 1961, then graduated with a same rank in 1966 .then went to U.K. and France with scholarship and visited art galleries and museums and researched on the realism painting there.
He started learning painting under the supervision of Master Ali Mohammad Heydarian (1896-1990). Khoroush became one of Heydarian's most important students. who was a founder a first professor in the Faculty of Fine Arts in the University of Tehran (Established 1940) and was the most important student of Kamal-ol-Molk. Khoroush is contemporary artist and has been artistically active in the past 60 years , Almost of His painting art works based on oil and watercolor.
At the same time, he enrolled at the Iran Calligraphers Association. He got started learning Persian calligraphy under the supervision of Great Master Hossein Mirkhani (the Founder of Iran Calligraphers Association) and was the first person to get Momtaz Grade of the Association of Calligraphers in Iran.
In 1973, get a master's degree and was successful to taking Great master degree of Iranian Calligraphy Association in 1977.Finally, he became one of the two great masters in Persian calligraphy since this time and has being calligraphied up to 40 books since 1974. based on statistics, his Divan-e-Hafez book has been the important calligraphied book in Iran.
Over than 1000 his paintings  and several art works of his calligraphy (uncountable), are available in Iran and abroad of Iran (in the museums and personal collections) and sold in auctions like Tehran auction

Jobs and Awards

Iranian everlasting people in 2005
master degree of Iranian Calligraphy Association in 1973
Great master degree of Iranian Calligraphy Association in 1977
Honorary citizen of neyshabur city
Get the up-most art rank from Ministry of Culture
First rank Of University Of Tehran
Pioneer Iranian artist (Member of the Association of Pioneers Iranian Artists)
Job Titles
Member of the Artistic Evaluation Council (the Association of Calligraphers)
Member of the Artistic Evaluation Council (Ministry of Culture)
Member of Founding Board of Iranian Calligraphy Association
Member of the Judicial Council of Calligraphy of the Islamic World
Art consultant of Ministry of Culture and arts.