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Keikhosro Khoroush

Keikhosro Khoroush

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Great master, Kei-Khosro Khoroush, contemporary master of Persian calligraphy. was born in 1941 in Tehran, IRAN. He earn the first grade in real painting in art collage, after high school. He graduated from academic painting course with first rank. went to U.K. and France with scholarship and he visited art galleries and museums and researched on the real painting there. He got started learning Persian calligraphy under the supervision of great master Hossein Mirkhani and token his permission to learn scholars in the Iranian calligraphy society in 1973. He was successful for taking master degree (Ph.D) from great master Mirkhani in 1975. Finally, he became one of the two great masters in Persian calligraphy since 1980. He has being calligraphied up to 40 books since 1974. Over than 1000 real paintings from master Khoroush are available in Iran and abroad (museums and personal collections). There are several works of his calligraphy and painting, keeping in the international art museums like Metropolitan in New-York, USA. Read More...

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Calligraphy Activity– Nishapur 2016

Calligraphy Activity– Nishapur 2016

Over Than 60 Years - Tehran 2017

Over Than 60 Years - Tehran 2017

Calligraphy Night – Tehran 2016

Calligraphy Night – Tehran 2016

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